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A strategy and planning Practice designed for brands in the 21st century.

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The world of brand communications is evolving at pace. The impact on brand marketers and the ways in which they must operate is profound.


The ‘agency’ as it has always been organised cannot meet those new needs and imperatives. This is why Strat House exists.


As a Practice we identify and apply solutions.

We are not an agency or a consultancy. We make certain that everything we produce can be practically applied and that we arm clients with the tools to do this

We are not a collective. We are selective about who works at Strat House, employing a three-stage recruitment process to ensure we have the best talent.

Our expertise is in digital and ‘always on’ creative planning and communications strategy for brands.


  • We help brands get to a deeper understanding of consumers and their journeys

  • We help brands identify brand ideas or architectures that have the necessary clarity and precision for a multi-channel world

  • We help brands plan the shift from functional (programmatic) content to one cohesive brand narrative.


At the heart of our work is an ability to combine a love of brand with a mastery of modern communications, technology and data.


We have curated a team of Planners and Strategists who are seasoned in the following areas:

  • Personas and Customer Journeys

  • Digital strategies

  • Ecosystem thinking

  • Measurement frameworks

  • Always on programming

  • Use of data

  • Brand planning.

We relish transformative challenges: equipping brands and brand teams for the future.



We’re at our best when we’re able to work collaboratively and in partnership.


Our services are designed and structured to leave a lasting impact:

We base our approach on a combination of;

  • Digital strategy

  • Classic brand planning

  • UX principles.

We understand how each inter-relates, and how they should be used in the current communications landscape.
Which is how we get you to a better solution, faster.

We’ve helped some of the biggest FMCG companies and brands in the world transform their marketing comms – to shift to a consumer-centric, data-driven approach:




We believe:


  • That strategy is a means to an end, never an end in itself

  • That we exist to facilitate great creativity: to deliver great brand communications

  • That we exist to facilitate the meeting of customer expectations through individualised experiences at scale

  • That what we do is not rocket science. But it is a science.



If you’d like to kick off a conversation we’d love to hear from you:


75 Kenton Street, London, WC1N 1NN

Strat House. All Rights Reserved 2018